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Hi, I am a resident of the Clayhall ward and received a lot of interest in the CCTV & Alarm systems that I had installed at my property. So as part of the property services company I work with, we have introduced an arm to this business in carrying out CCTV & Alarm system installations

We have carried out several installations in the Clayhall area, mainly wireless systems with the usual Internet based alerting & operating applications for smart tablets & mobiles. We have partnered with a reputable security systems wholesaler to ensure a cost effective solution, either wireless based or wired

Attached is a copy of a flyer which is currently being distributed within the Redbridge borough

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like a quote for either a CCTV / Alarm solution or both. Also please visit www.vdsproperty.co.uk if you require any building related work. We have carried out several building projects in the Redbridge area and can provide recommendations


Kind regards,

Tony Nickolaou

07493 908 424

email: info@vdsproperty.co.uk

web: www.vdsproperty.co.uk